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Our daily work is developing software and managing computer systems. And we are doing this for many many years. Information technology is changing all the time, very fast. Everything is becoming more complex and it is up to us to keep learning.

Working with open source software and open standards is the new way to help each other. Our company tries to give something back with this documentation. Furthermore we developed a "public inline edit service" which is still in beta. The main goal is to give you a very easy way to participate to improve the content.

Hope this helps the community and that we will find the time to write more documentations in the near future!



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With our public inline edit service you can send us document changes or additional informations to a topic, no login required! If editing is enabled and you have a newer browser you'll see an edit button in the top right corner. Thanks for your contributions.

Technologies used for this documentation

This documentation is based on open source and commercial products: